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6 journeys
2022, art direction and photography 

“The 6 Journeys" is a captivating photography project that showcases the stories of six individuals, each with a distinct and inspiring journey. Through intimate interviews and intimate photographs, this project captures the essence of their unique paths.

speaking of spirituality, a Journey is not a simple physical action of displacement in space, but the drive to the research and the change that defines the resulting experience. Studying, investigating, living fully what is new and deep are all different types of journeys. Heroes are always travellers, meaning restless.

The zine aims to communicate 6 different journeys of 6 different people through pictures and interviews .

Emiljano Shehu - the endless journey
Chiara trivelli - the pilgrimage journey
Fiorangela Ardenghi - the lifetime journey
Patricia Diaz - the pregnancy journey
Inelozam - the phase change journey
Alessia Pia Zarrelli - the knowledge journey