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andrea brocca alta moda lookbook
2023, production 

“Captivated by the timeless allure of an ancient era— Mythology, Roman culture, the Renaissance and the opulence of Art Deco.
These are worlds which have birthed infatuating tales that shaped my childhood and enlightened my fascination with timeless beauty. From Caravaggio’s artistry and drama to Tiziano’s masterly use of colours to Peter Carl Faberges legendary jewellery and Pompeii lost affrescos. I aspire to merge these worlds to eventually create my own.“
- Andrea Brocca

Photography: Daniel Archer
Image Director: Sean 
Stylist: Jeanie Annan-Lewin
Casting: Moud Alkhemeiri
Makeup: Bea Sweet
Hair: Ali Pirzadeh
Set design: Luis Gaensslen
Jewelery: Anabela Chan
Flowers: Hamish Powell
Nails: Liia Zotova